On 10 December 2018, the Advisory Group will present the First Minister with our recommendations for a new human rights framework to improve people’s lives. You can view our final report and advice here.

Recommended timeline for the proposed Scottish framework for human rights.Our recommendations include:

  1. An Act of the Scottish Parliament which provides human rights leadership.
  2. A public participatory process as a vital part of the preparation of the Act and its implementation.
  3. Capacity-building to enable effective implementation of the Act to improve people’s lives.
  4. A Scottish Government National Mechanism for Monitoring, Reporting and Implementation of Human Rights.
  5. Development of human rights indicators for Scotland’s National Performance Framework.
  6. Process of implementation of recommendations – to be led by a National Task Force.
  7. Integration of any further devolved powers into the framework as proposed in Recommendation 1 and, if independence, a written constitution including a bill of Rights for Scotland.

For more information or to request the report in alternative formats, click here.

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